August update in English

August means back to work, back to school, and an end to the white nights. The evenings are noticably darker – daylight is dwindling with five minutes a day, and this will continue until the winter solstice. But – no reason to whine about what we can’t change. In August we can enjoy the most spectacular sunsets from the part of our garden that faces west.

View from the garden on an August evening around 8.30 pm.

Enjoyable – but still a bit sad, too.

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July update in English – a little late

Late again? Yes. A dear friend of ours passed away on Saturday, and I honestly didn’t feel like writing anything at all. It’s ok to take out at few days when something that sad happens, I think. But otherwise July has been magnificent.

A trip to the west coast of Jutland

Three full weeks of vacation. So amazingly wonderful when time becomes your own for a while.

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June update in English

Here we are again – another month has come and gone and it’s time for the monthly update in English. By definition, June is always a lovely month. The first real month of summer.

Self seeded columbines in our June garden.

Flowers, birds singing, sunshine, and soft wind. This June has come and gone more speedily than ever and it has been centered on mainly one thing: our silver anniversary.

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May update in English

Sorry about being a bit late with the May update in English. There’s no excuse – I’ve probably just been so busy watching spring turn into early summer. Things happen so quickly now that I’m afraid to blink in case I might miss something.

Beautiful May had a lot to offer – even though it was the coldest and most rainy May in 150 years. They say. I don’t know. I wasn’t there to check up on it 150 years ago…

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April update in English

Today, on the last day of April, it is time for the monthly update in English. April has been sooo cold. Sunny, beautiful, and cold. Frost during the night and early mornings, sun and birdsong during the days. But in spite of the cold, spring is truly here.

Cherry plums blooming along the road and our house to the left.
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March update in English

Calendar-wise, March is supposed to be the first month of spring. And in March we set the clocks for summer time. But frost during the night is still pretty normal. With the greenhouse full of plants that could survive (but wouldn’t like) the frosty temperatures, we’ve had candles burning all night in the greenhouse to keep the spring plants from freezing.

This girl has flowers on her mind…

How it works is that the flames keep the air moving, so frost doesn’t settle on the plants. It’s a trick I use in October, too, to keep the last chilis from freezing. It looks stunning seen from the outside.

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