July update in English – a little late

Late again? Yes. A dear friend of ours passed away on Saturday, and I honestly didn’t feel like writing anything at all. It’s ok to take out at few days when something that sad happens, I think. But otherwise July has been magnificent.

A trip to the west coast of Jutland

Three full weeks of vacation. So amazingly wonderful when time becomes your own for a while.

We had time to work in the garden

and in the greenhouse.

We had time to light up the grill and slightly burn some dinner outside in the garden.

We had time for a week long trip to the beautiful and interesting island of Mors with the dogs – they just love the shallow water at the beach there, and we love the whole natural beauty of the place with its beaches, beach meadows, woods and stunning views.

We went for walks – here around a particularly beautiful lagoon.

We visited a lovely and dog-friendly garden centre with plants, flowers, and art.

We drove the few miles to the west coast to walk by the North Sea and buy fish and smoked shrimps, which we had for lunch with pink champagne one day… A nap after that kind of lunch is mandatory. Talk about recharging the batteries…

The weather was warm and sunny during the whole week. On Sunday when we were leaving it started to rain, and it practically hasn’t stopped since, so much of the last vacation week has been spent indoors.

We did, however, manage to pick the blackcurrants in the garden between showers and that is why this old recipe crops up again: Blackcurrant cake.

The recipe for this cake is a recipe from my childhood, which was another time altogether when it comes to what you can and cannot name a cake. It goes under the not very PC name, The cake for the busy housewife. Imagine calling a cake that in 2021? No way… But my brother loves to bake this cake, too, and I’m sure you will as well. The cake is moist, fruity, and with just a hint of crispness from the sugar on the top. Pure deliciousness.

Blackcurrant cake

If you don’t have blackcurrants you can substitute them with any fruit or berries you like. The cake works great with apples, too. Or cherries, or apricots, or…

What else happened in July? Nothing much, actually. Time slows down in July. There is less traffic, and the green explosion of spring and early summer is over. July is quieter. The leaves have turned a darker shade of green, and the fields are turning from green to yellow. July is a month for ripening. And for masses of wild flowers in every available space.

Willow herb in the beach meadows on Mors

In August the harvest will start in the fields around us, and days and nights will be filled with the humming of harvesters and the beeping of the ‘tank-full’ alarms. In a week school will start again, the school bus will puff its way up our road to collect the children that will have grown at least an inch over the summer. Another July has passed and I will return to work tomorrow.

Have a great and wonderful August!

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  1. my condolences
    its alway sad when a dear friend passes away
    so its understandable u needed a brake


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