For my dear American readers

During the last six months I can see I have had a lot – and I mean a lot – of visitors from the United States. Thank you for visiting! It makes me so excited. We love the US and have traveled there several times.

A map from the stats showing visitors yesterday…

You have probably found out that you can choose to read the text in English – but oh dear. Those Google translations. However much I love Google for finding anything and anywhere (and getting me safely home), I am embarrassed by the translations. You must think I’m half illiterate if that’s the best I can do.

Actually, I work in English at my day job in an international research group at Aarhus University. I translate, proof read and much more. That is why the idea of making a monthly update in English has been growing in my busy brain for some time. The Google translations make my toes curl backwards.

But I need you to help me here. What is it you are looking for on Dalsgaard i Skivholme?


Garden and flowers?

Landscapes and nature?

The dogs?

Christmas and decorations? Or simply Denmark and a little bit of everything? I can only see the countries from where my readers visit. Not the pages you look at – or who you are.

So let me know. Write to me in the comment field – or send me a mail. The address can be found on the Contact page. I’d love to have you drop in often and get to know you. And if you want to try one of the recipes – don’t hesitate to drop me a mail if something looks really odd in the translation. I don’t want to spoil your dinner.

Have a wonderful Wednesday – a day which is about to become evening here in the short December days – and just starting for you with morning and coffee on the other side of the world.

Forfatter Karen Engell Dalsgaard

Bondekone, blogger, køkkenentusiast, oversætter, Bed & Breakfast vært, havefreak, bogorm - det var noget af det. Her skriver jeg om alt det, der optager mig i hverdagen - opskrifter, haven og naturen, anmelder bøger, jeg har læst med meget mere.

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